Christian Faith and Freedom | RLPB 467. Comoros: Playing the Religion Card
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RLPB 467. Comoros: Playing the Religion Card

  • Etienne

    A call message (*)

    My name is Etienne. I live in Marseille, southern of France, but my roots come from Comoros (I am a French citizen after a period of religious refugee life). I am therefore an ex-Muslim. I studied Arabic and Islam at Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. I am fluent in Arabic (Arabic and Islam deeply affect Comorians’ life). I was (with my wife) involved in evangelizing activities to the Comorian community here in Marseille (about 80,000 (?) Comorians are living there), as well as limited activities to the Comoros like translation of the Gospel (from French to Shingazidja – a large Comorian local language).
    Every day I pray for Comoros and try to send encouragement to my rare local Christian brothers (the underground church). I noticed that you know well that Comoros is a hard country for non-Muslims and especially Christians. I try in my own way to support my fellow Christians in their harsh daily persecution of government and society, including their own families. There are several reports (UN, Human Rights Council and others such as the US State Department, OpenDoors) denouncing violations of freedom of religion and persecution of Christians in the Comoros.
    Being graduated in law (Master), I would like to use my skills to promote democratic principles and tolerance in the Comoros but I am not involved to any organization or mission activities.
    If you have an action or project to Comoros, I am ready to get involved. I know my country and I speak the local language. It could be my part to help these brothers and sisters,t also make Jesus Christ well known in the Comoros. It could be also a way to promote freedom of freddom of faith in Comoros.
    I am confident that the Lord preserves a place for Comorian believers, and they just need a little moral support. The Comoros are still considered a closed country and the Comorians an unaffected people. We can even strangely observe this closing to the gospel message among the Comorians even here in France!
    May the Lord thanks you and bless You.

    (*) I hope that my English is clear for you.

    August 26, 2018 at 3:34 pm

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