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Central African Republic (CAR) Tag

09 May RLPB 454. Central African Republic (CAR): Cathedral Massacre

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 454 | Wed 09 May 2018   CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: CATHEDRAL MASSACRE           -- tensions in Bangui at boiling point; threat of renewed conflict. by Elizabeth Kendal CFF Director of Advocacy   Bangui is the mostly Christian capital city of mostly Christian Central African Republic (CAR). Within the city is a...

17 May RLPB 407. Central African Republic (CAR): Church in the Fire

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 407 | Wed 17 May 2017   CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (CAR): CHURCH IN THE FIRE by Elizabeth Kendal CFF Director of Advocacy   Central African Republic (CAR) is French-speaking, 76 percent Christian (mostly Protestant) and 13.8 percent Muslim. On 24 March 2013 an Islamic army known as Seleka seized control...

22 Jun RLPB 362. Central African Republic (CAR): Church at Risk from Fulani, Seleka & LRA

CONTEXT: In March 2013 France and the West stood back and watched as Central African Republic (CAR) -- which is French-speaking and 76 percent Christian (mostly Protestant) -- fell to Seleka, an exceedingly well armed and funded alliance of mostly Arabic-speaking local and international Islamic jihadists. The conquest of the...